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Football star Carli Lloyd has defended her criticism of former teammate Megan Rapinoe during the Women’s World Cup. The US women’s team was knocked out in the Round of 16 after losing a penalty shootout to Sweden.

Lloyd, who was playing in her last World Cup, missed a crucial penalty which dashed their hopes of winning a third consecutive world title. She said the team’s performance was not up to their usual standard.

Some people criticised Lloyd for her comments about Rapinoe and her teammates, but she stood by her words. “What’s great about [working at FOX] is we get our own opinions,” Lloyd told Kevin Hart on his YouTube show ‘Cold as Balls’.

“And that comes with a lot of flack sometimes. But I’ve always been someone that’s truly valued being authentic. For women’s sports – and women’s soccer in general – we need to get to a place where we can critique, where we can offer more opinions.

“Because I listen to these guys, [NBA] commentators [like] Shaq, Barkley.. they’re hilarious. They’ve experienced it, they get it, they see things, they offer their opinion. I get so much flack because I’m speaking truth and honesty and stuff that I’ve experienced and I’ve seen which should be embraced.”

After a tough time in Australia, the USWNT only got five points in the group stages. They won against Vietnam but didn’t shine as expected. A draw with the Netherlands and a goalless match against Portugal meant they just got through. Then, they were knocked out by Sweden on penalties.

Lloyd criticised her ex-teammates Rapinoe and Morgan for dancing after a game. She called their World Cup efforts ‘lackluster’ and ‘uninspiring’. Later, she reflected on her comments and explained her reasoning behind them.

Lloyd shared on Fox Sports: “I’d like to state that obviously, I was very critical of the team last night. I’ve had some time to reflect, to sleep on it. I want people to understand that I care deeply about this team. I poured my heart and soul into this team for 17 years and it was based off of a legacy that was just passed down from generation to generation – the mentality, the DNA of what makes that team so great.

“And so my comments were reflective of me wanting to see that legacy continue to be passed down from generation to generation. And with that, it comes with hard work, it comes with focus. So my hope is that that continues because that is what makes the US so special and so deadly and that is ultimately what has won us championships.”

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