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Joey Barton has launched a sickening X-rated tirade at ITV after the broadcaster said his “vindictive remarks” that compared Eni Aluko and Lucy Ward to serial killers Fred and Rose West were “clearly contemptible and shameful.” The former Manchester City and Newcastle player took aim at the pundits after they had given their thoughts on Crystal Palace’s FA Cup third round clash with Everton on Thursday evening.

On Friday, Barton took to X (formerly Twitter) as he responded to a clip of Aluko and wrote: “How is she even talking about men’s football. She can’t even kick a ball properly. Your coverage of the game EFC last night, took it to a new low. Eni Aluko and Lucy Ward, the Fred and Rose West of football commentary.” He had previously written about Aluko: “Don’t get me started on her.”

ITV expressed their huge anger and hurt at Barton’s vile comparison and released a statement on Friday afternoon that read: “For Joey Barton, an ex-professional player with a significant social media presence, to target two of our pundits, Eni Aluko and Lucy Ward, with such vindictive remarks based on gender and to invoke the names of serial killers in doing so is clearly contemptible and shameful on his part. Football is for everyone.”

But Barton then made a sickening vow as he replied: “Shut up you f****** idiots. Keep them off the tele. They’re ruining the game for everyone of us. It’s what happens when you force under qualified, under prepared, tokenistic people onto us.

“I will be calling them all serial killers from now on. Every clip you f****** put out. Told you, I don’t care anymore. We’ve all had enough of your ‘Woke’, ‘DEI’ bull****. I hope everyone who agrees with me, gets right after your social media every time you force this nonsense on us. I tried to play nice, you didn’t listen.”

Fred and wife Rose West committed at least 12 murders during a killing spree that last 20 years. Fred hanged himself in prison in 1995 while awaiting trial, while Rose is currently serving a whole life order.

Barton’s tirade against female football pundits began in early December, five weeks after he had been sacked as manager of Bristol Rovers. “Women shouldn’t be talking with any kind of authority in the men’s game,” he penned on X. “Come on. Let’s be serious. It’s a completely different game. If you don’t accept that. We will always see things differently. The women’s game is thriving. Fantastic to see. I cannot take a thing they say serious in the men’s arena.”

Barton then posted: “Stand by everything I’ve said on women commenting and co-comms on the men’s football. Like me talking about knitting or netball. Way out of my comfort zone. Some of the men are bad enough! We have gone too far. You cannot watch a game now without hearing the nonsense. Any man who says otherwise is an absolute fart parcel.”

He has since appeared on Piers Morgan Uncensored and has continued to promulgate his views on social media.

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