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Blackburn Rovers have fired a brutal dig at outspoken former footballer Joey Barton by urging him to avoid mentioning the town as part of his latest ‘public meltdown’. Barton launched a tirade against female football pundits in early December and has continued to push his controversial views on the topic ever since.

The 41-year-old was widely condemned for comparing Eni Aluko and Lucy Ward to serial killers Fred and Rose West earlier this month, prompting fierce criticism from the likes of Gary Neville. ITV also hit out at Barton’s vile comparison, branding his comments ‘shameful’ in a statement on X, formerly Twitter.

Barton was at the centre of online attention once again on Monday, with Blackburn’s official account stealing the limelight in a reply to one of his posts. He shared a video of Blackburn back in 1905, which showed predominantly white children walking, alongside the caption: “120 years ago in Blackburn, England. We talk about Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. We never talk about Equity.

“Who has done the work. Who has built the places. Who fought in the wars. Who paid the taxes. Who built and maintained these communities. We shouldn’t forgot our past. As we look to improve our future.”

The post drew a short but sweet reply from Blackburn, which gained over twice the number of likes as Barton’s original post. It read: “Hi Joey, if you could have your public meltdown without bringing our town into it, that’d be great. Thanks.”

Barton quickly hit back with a response of his own, saying: “One win in 10 in the Championship. 17th position. I’d keep your nut down if I was you pal. Do your bosses know you’ve tweeted? You’ll be plucking chickens next week.”

It comes after Aluko revealed that she had left the UK after the abuse suffered in the wake of Barton’s vile attack on her, explaining she felt ‘scared’. In a lengthy video posted on social media, Aluko did not mention Barton by name but referred to him as the ‘loudest critic right now, who used to play for Manchester City’.

Barton went on to issue a response to Aluko’s claims, posting: “Cry me a f****** river. I was waiting for the victim card to be played. Eni, sorry luv, you’re dreadful as a pundit.

“Tone deaf, can’t count and most importantly you know next to nothing about men’s football. You should have ran off to a desert island after your ‘Arteta phoning Pep to put a bid’ in nonsense. Everyone is laughing at you. Not just me.”

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