Gary O’Neil introduces bizarre medical method to give Wolves players advantage in Premier League matches

GARY O’NEIL has introduced a bizarre new method to give his players an advantage during evening matches.

The Wolves manager has got his stars to wear “daylight glasses” ahead of the Premier League clash against Brighton and Hove Albion.

Wolves players have been wearing'daylight glasses'


Wolves players have been wearing ‘daylight glasses’Credit: Twitter
They help them stay awake for evening matches


They help them stay awake for evening matchesCredit: Twitter
Gary O'Neil reintroduced the glasses to the team


Gary O’Neil reintroduced the glasses to the teamCredit: Reuters

The glasses work by shining light into the player’s eyes in order to keep them alert as the daylight fades.

The players wear the glasses for up to half an hour and it can help them gain a marginal advantage.

The club did use them during Nuno Espirito Santo‘s reign between 2017 and 2020.

O’Neil has re-introduced the eyewear but credited the medical team.

He said: “That’s not me, that’s something the medical and fitness staff do.

“I think they’re called daylight glasses.

“There’s not too much daylight at the moment, and especially with evening games when it gets dark your body gets tired and gets ready for bed but we need to be fully alert, so they help with that.

“The medical team spoke to me about them, and I had no issues with trying them.


“Normally if things like that aren’t working, then they get dismissed fairly quickly. But the boys are still using them.

“We’re trying to make marginal gains.

“I don’t think they’re a magic wand that fixes everything but they’re part of the lads being professional and giving themselves the best opportunity to be in the best physical shape.”

Manchester City also uses the same technology as Erling Haaland bought pairs for the whole team after becoming a fan.

How do the glasses work?

The glasses work by affecting the user’s body clock making them feel sleepy or awake.

The light from the glasses can then stop the user from feeling as tired as the day goes on.

Other factors can also affect this such as food intake, stress and temperature.

They can also help with stopping the effects of jet lag which players could have suffered from during their warm-weather training trip in Abu Dhabi.

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