European Super League plotters try to woo minsters – and snubbed as their plan poses an ‘existential threat’

PLOTTERS behind a new European Super League in football launched a shameless bid to convince UK ministers to back the scheme – and were rebuffed.

Culture and Sport Secretary Lucy Frazer told those behind the plan it would pose an “existential threat” to the game.

Footie fans protesting


Footie fans protestingCredit: Getty

Proposals for an international breakaway league for Europe’s star clubs were rejected two years ago after an outcry from fans.

But a Madrid-based group has resurrected the idea after euro judges issued a bombshell ruling giving them the green light

In a shameless attempt to make No10 carry out a Super League U-turn, the company wrote to Ms Frazer offering to walk her through the plans.

Ms Frazer snubbed the request by A22 CEO Bernd Reichart and warned him the UK government is dead set against his unpopular scheme.

In a letter seen by The Sun on Sunday, she wrote: “The UK Government’s position has not changed: we do not support a breakaway competition that does not have the support of the fans and that threatens the heritage and financial position of English football.

“The European Super League proposal poses an existential threat to our national game.

“English football has, for centuries, thrived on its inherent drama, the underdog triumphs, the passionate rivalries, and the shared community it fosters.

“These qualities are not incidental; they are fundamental to its success. The sport is nothing without its fans, and the UK Government takes their views extremely seriously.

“I trust that this explains the UK Government’s position.”

Backers of the European Super League claim 20 clubs across the continent have agreed to sign up to the project.

They are thought to include Barcelona and Real Madrid.

But UK footie fans loathe the idea, as they fear it would suck money, attention and footballers away from British top flight football.

While it would shatter the dream that any club – no matter how small – could rise up the leagues and play against the best.

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