Who is Annie Kilner’s sister Sian?

ANNIE Walker’s life turned upside down when it was revealed her husband Kyle Walker had fathered a second child with Lauryn Goodman.

The news broke in early 2024, and now Annie’s sister Sian has jumped to the defence of her sibling.

Sian Kilner is Kyle Walker's wife Annie's sister


Sian Kilner is Kyle Walker’s wife Annie’s sisterCredit: Instagram

Who is Annie Kilner’s sister Sian?

Unlike her famous sister Annie Kilner, Sian Kilner isn’t a celebrity but she still enjoys a jetset life.

Thanks to her impressive social media following, she has become an Influencer like her sister.

You clearly lack empathy but this level of evil is out of control and harms everyone especially the children.

Sian Kilner (Talking about Lauryn Goodman)

On her popular Instagram handle @siankilner, she likes to post lots of selfies of her glam nights out and luxury holidays.

Sian is extremely close to her sister, and often posts pictures of them together, and calls Annie her “best friend”.

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What has Annie Kilner’s sister Sian said?

On January 29, 2024, Sian slammed Lauryn Goodman – the woman who her sister’s husband Kyle Walker has fathered two children with.

It comes after the Man City defender opened up about losing his family in an astonishingly frank interview.

Walker issued an apology to Annie, after admitting he fathered a second child with model Lauryn.

Now Sian has slammed Lauryn in an Instagram post, saying she “lacked empathy”, and asked she give their family a “break”.

The post read: “@lauryngoodman91 When does your torment end? My sister who is now 7 months pregnant, has faced your cruelty for almost 5 years now.”

“What’s your goal? To see how much stress you can put on a pregnant woman? To create a false victim narrative around what you did? You clearly lack empathy but this level of evil is out of control and harms everyone especially the children.

“Stop accusing others: your true self is revealed. The so-called ‘loving relationship’ is a facade.

“It’s not fooling anyone so why don’t you just give us all a break and stop.”

In Walker’s exclusive interview with The Sun, he addressed his infidelity.

The footballer told us: “What I’ve done is horrible and I take full responsibility.

“I made idiot choices and idiot decisions. I can’t begin to think or imagine what Annie is going through. I’ve tried to ask her but there’s pain and hurt.

“The man that’s meant to love, care and be there for her, did this.

“There have been days in this ordeal where I’ve just wanted to curl up in a ball and go to sleep.

“The only person to blame is me. I have roles and responsibilities that I’m aware of and I’ve made stupid choices. But I need to own up to my mistakes — I owe it to everyone.

“My actions have caused a lot of pain to a lot of people. I’m sorry because, as a family, this isn’t meant to happen.”

Where are Annie and Sian Kilner from?

The two sisters grew up Sheffield, and knew Walker as teenagers.

It was while at High School that Annie met her future husband.

The pair were childhood sweethearts and went onto marry in 2021.

They have three children together, with another one due in 2024.

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