Qatar star scores cool penalty in Asia Cup final before pulling off magic trick as fans call it ‘best celebration ever’

QATAR have conjured up some magic in the Asia Cup final against Jordan.

The Gulf State, who previously won the Asia Cup in 2019, went 1-0 ahead thanks to a first-half penalty converted by Akram Afif.

Qatar's Akram Afif scored a penalty in the Asia Cup final


Qatar’s Akram Afif scored a penalty in the Asia Cup finalCredit: YouTube/AFC Asian Cup
Afif then got a magic card out of his socks


Afif then got a magic card out of his socksCredit: YouTube/AFC Asian Cup
And performed a magic trick that had fans losing it online


And performed a magic trick that had fans losing it onlineCredit: YouTube/AFC Asian Cup

The 27-year-old slotted his penalty into the bottom left corner before wheeling off in celebration.

But as opposed to a usual celebration that would see him celebrate with team-mates, Afif opted to bring out his inner Dynamo.

Afif bent down to get a card out of his socks, before walking towards the camera with a card in his right hand.

He then shook the card twice before swiftly moving the card to his right and back to the same position.

And during the motion the card switched from showing a photo on it to an S written in black text on a white background.

This novel celebration saw Afif dubbed the “trickster” by the co-commentator.

And fans were also loving the trick.

Reacting on social media, one fan said: “That was so cool hahahaha one of the best celebrations I’ve seen in a long time.”


A second said: “Everything about that celebration is magical and hilarious. Best celebration ever 😄.”

A third thought about the future uses of it, saying: “This has some serious meme potential. Somebody swap out the ‘S’ for an ‘L’.”

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Another said: “That’s some cold celebration.”

While a fifth added: “Better than Siuu.”

Qatar beat Palestine, Uzbekistan and Iran to make the final.

Meanwhile, Jordan shocked South Korea in the semis after beating Tajikistan and Iraq in the knockout rounds.

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