Tearful Paul Gascoigne is homeless as he admits ‘I’m in trouble’ | Football | Sport

Football legend Paul Gascoigne has shared that he is homeless and battling alcoholism. The former England star, who has struggled with alcohol, gambling, and mental health issues for many years, is currently living with his manager Katie Davies in Poole and broke into tears as he spoke out about his struggles.

He confessed on the High Performance Podcast: “Last year wasn’t brilliant, was off and on for a couple of months. I went to a meeting the other night so that was alright. Just an AA meeting. I went with a friend and that was okay. They’re alright, harmless.”

He also revealed: “I called Katie up in November a few years ago crying my eyes out. What I put myself through and other people, jail and rehab – taking cocaine off toilet seats – and then I’m asked to be ambassador for my country, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.”

Gazza admitted he’s now a “sad drunk” and prefers to drink at home. “I used to be a happy drunk. I ain’t anymore. I’m a sad drunk. I don’t go out and drink, I drink indoors,” he said.

The Italia ’90 icon added: “People know Paul Gascoigne but Gazza, no one knows. Even me sometimes. I’ve spent a lot of years being down, when I did my ligaments and then my kneecap, I missed four years of football.

“I would’ve got 100 caps (for England). I try not to get down because the world’s already down enough. And when I’m really down, that’s when I pick up a drink to cheer myself up. I don’t think I let any managers down, or the players or the fans you know.

“If there was anyone I let down, it was myself. But more the drinking side of it, when I finished playing. If I want to make it a bad day, (all I need to do) is) go down the pub. If I want it to be a good day, get my flying rod out and go fishing.

“It’s not the drinking, it’s the afterwards. Looking at my phone after and seeing 30 messages or missed calls, I know I’m in trouble. But I’ve been alright.”

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