Former Man Utd youth star Bobby Power dies aged just 40 after cancer battle | Football | Sport

Tributes are being paid to former Manchester United youth star Bobby Power, who tragically passed away aged just 40 following a battle with cancer. The fitness lover had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last August.

Power had played for the United youth team during the 1990s, before transitioning over into a career in personal training. The former football ace also featured in the much-loved film ‘There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble’, playing the role of ‘Gorgeous’ Gordon Burley.

But it was for his following on social media that Power was best known, with the fitness guru known for his adventurous hiking and outdoor activities. Posting to his ‘100.percent.or.nothing’ Instagram account, Power had amassed over 23,000 followers – having shared posts about his training, fitness journey and lifestyle.

A family man at heart, Power’s Instagram account is flooded with loving photos of his wife and three children, who the former United youth player left behind following his passing in February. One of his daughters, Kaitlyn Eadsforth told the Manchester Evening News about Power’s struggle following his diagnosis.

“We’ve got videos he made when he said he’d been told he hadn’t got cancer. It’s really sad,” Power’s middle daughter said when recalling initially being told it was a benign tumour. That all changed when it was revealed Bobby had pancreatic cancer, but wasn’t given access to treatment: “We begged them, we begged the doctors, we said ‘please just give him some chance to fight it’. They said there was nothing they could do.”

His mother, Estrella Barry told the MEN: “At one point a doctor came up to him and said it’s a benign tumour. Then he went back to the radiology department. He said he should be feeling elated, but he feels really down and tired. They said ‘you aren’t out of the woods, from a radiology perspective you have got pancreatic cancer, you’ve definitely got it’.”

A heartbreaking story, the family revealed that following a hospital transfer, Bobby wasn’t able to begin treatment because his biopsies had been inconclusive. It was eventually decided he could have surgery, but days after the decision, the family say he began suffering from ascites – a condition that sees blood vessels leak into the abdomen – meaning he couldn’t have the operation.

Power eventually passed away in late February, with daughter Katie paying tribute to her ‘outgoing’ father: “He was really outgoing. Literally anywhere he went, he would talk to anyone. He was like a social butterfly, in any room that he went in. If he wasn’t at the gym he was climbing mountains. He loved helping other people. That’s what he was all about really – helping people physically and mentally.”

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