End of the Journey? “I Don’t Want to Be a Burden for Anderlecht”

At Anderlecht, as in all other Belgian clubs, the season is coming to an end. Subsequently, some decisions will be made.

One decision has been anticipated for quite some time but has not yet been announced. Initially expected to be made earlier in the spring, it has now been postponed to the coming weeks, with no specific date set.

“The Desire is There” We will soon know what Jan Vertonghen has decided for the next season. Anderlecht’s hope is for the Red Devil to continue for at least one more season. It seems that the player shares this desire, as he stated during his appearance on Nostalgie radio.

“The desire is there, but I don’t want to be a burden for Anderlecht,” he said. After experiencing the (almost) loss of the title from the sidelines last weekend during the topper, he is now focusing on the Euro, which could be his last major competition.

After that, Vertonghen will decide whether to extend his career or hang up his boots. If he plays one more season, it seems likely it will be at Anderlecht or not at all.

Written by James Oyimb

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