A Union player in José Mourinho mode: the canceled goal of Cercle doesn’t go down well at Parc Duden!

The canceled goal of Cercle Brugge doesn’t sit well within the ranks of Union. Christian Burgess and Noah Sadiki, with a brief message on social media, made their sentiments crystal clear.

Club Brugge knew that a draw against Cercle would be enough to secure their 19th Belgian championship title. They probably didn’t anticipate such a nerve-wracking moment, with only ten minutes left.

This canceled goal for the Groen & Zwart naturally sparked discussion. Some deemed it a logical decision, while others saw it as yet another mistake by VAR and the referees. Opinions vary, even among the players.

Within the Union Saint-Gilloise ranks, this decision certainly didn’t go unnoticed. The irony of Christian Burgess, on X (formerly Twitter), was quite evident.

Noah Sadiki, channeling José Mourinho, isn’t taking it well. Others were more direct, like Noah Sadiki. The former Anderlecht player quoted a well-known line from José Mourinho, “if I speak, I’m in big trouble and I don’t want to be in big trouble,” to express his opinion on the referee’s decision.

In an Instagram story, the midfielder made it clear: in his view, too, the goal was perfectly valid.


Written by James Oyimb

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