Mind-boggling: Marc Brys finally kept in his position… with Samuel Eto’o’s apologies

Another surreal scene from Cameroon: Marc Brys, whose images of the clash with Samuel Eto’o have gone around the world, has finally been confirmed in his position. With… the apologies of the federation president.

“He went too far,” said Marc Brys after this week’s hallucinatory altercation with Samuel Eto’o. In the meantime, the federation president had appointed an interim coach, Martin Ndtoungou Mpilé… who will not finally take office.

Indeed, the latest news from Cameroon announces… that Marc Brys will be kept in his position. “I will start by apologizing, because our first meeting did not go well,” admits Samuel Eto’o in a video published by LSI Africa.

“There was a lot of emotion. As you know, the most important thing for us is the Cameroon team,” continues the president of the Cameroonian federation. “Know that among the last people by your side, I will be there, among your friends, because our destinies are linked”.

Quite a turnaround after this Tuesday’s near-scuffle. Eto’o then adds, in a rather surprising way: “If we don’t win, I will have much more difficulty paying salaries. I know your job will not be easy. But know that you will have our support”.

Marc Brys therefore seems to finally be able to start his lease at the head of Cameroon. The Indomitable Lions face Cape Verde on June 8 and Angola on June 11 as part of qualifying for the 2026 World Cup.

Written by James Oyimb

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