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Anderlecht: Announced as leaving, Majeed Ashimeru could finally stay

The transfer window is once again expected to be busy at Anderlecht. But Jesper Fredberg wants to give Brian Riemer a full squad from the start of pre-season, particularly with a view to European matches.

For several weeks, Kristian Arnstad, Amadou Diawara and Majeed Ashimeru have been linked with a move away this summer. For the latter, the situation seems somewhat different. Sporting believe in their Ghanaian midfielder, but his many injuries remain a concern.

Ashimeru is one of the few who always thinks forward. Exactly the type of player Jesper Fredberg is looking for. Someone who makes the team’s play more vertical. Rimer already has enough midfielders who play safe and build patiently. Ashimeru takes risks in his game.

Recurring injuries

The question that Fredberg is now asking himself is also agitating the medical staff: can they keep him fit for a whole season? A player who has to miss more than half of the matches will not be kept. With a season marked by the return of European football from at least August to New Year, Anderlecht could well need him.

Fredberg has the budget to bring in a few good players, but not to recruit wholesale. On the one hand, he has to make sure that quality is injected, but also that the squad is large enough. So he will need to be able to count on everyone. But for the time being, negotiations for a new contract for Ashimeru (who is entering his last year) are on the back burner.

What status for Ashimeru at Anderlecht?

Given his irregular recent seasons, clubs are unlikely to be rushing to sign him, and his entourage knows this. But they are also highlighting his profile. However, Jesper Fredberg will not give a top salary to a player who, in his eyes, has not yet fully proven himself. The sporting director wants to be sure that his player is ready to give his all for Anderlecht.

If a compromise is found during negotiations, Fredberg will certainly not be closed to extending his contract. A midfielder capable of eliminating an opponent and creating something is precisely what Anderlecht lacked this season.

Written by Jose Machino

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