League Championship Reform: Pro League General Assembly’s Verdict is In!

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Championship reform was at the heart of the meeting.

It was D-Day for the Pro League General Assembly vote, which was due to discuss a reform of the championship formula.

In the end, none of the three proposals submitted to the GA were adopted. These ranged from a 16 or 18-team championship, formats with or without a points division, or even without play-offs. As a result, everything remains unchanged: a 16-team elite with a Play-Off 1 phase for six teams and a points division at the end of the regular season, as we experienced this season.

None of these proposals found a two-thirds majority among the clubs in the vote: “We will enter the new television cycle with the current format. This is a security for fans, clubs and our media partners. The General Assembly also decided to take a step towards the professionalisation of our football. For example, the licensing conditions have been strengthened,” can be read in the press release issued by the Pro League’s CEO, Lorin Parys, after the meeting.

Written by Mike Stempel

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