The future of a young Charleroi talent is drawing closer

Mahdi El Maimouni continues to make his mark on the international scene. At just 15 years old, he has already attracted the attention of some of Europe’s biggest clubs, as well as sporting bodies in various countries. His future could soon be decided.

Mahdi El Maimouni, who is currently in the process of naturalization to become a Saudi citizen, is in Morocco with his family to visit the Moroccan national facilities, which will not change his future. This change of nationality could open up new opportunities for the young player, particularly in the Saudi league, while complicating his prospects in Europe.

Among Mahdi’s suitors, Real Madrid seems to be in pole position. An influential businessman from the United Arab Emirates, close to Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid, has an exclusive mandate to negotiate his transfer. However, Mahdi’s advisor is currently in talks with FC Barcelona for a possible contract with the Catalan club’s U23s.

Newcastle United

Mahdi’s Saudi nationality could also play a crucial role in his future destinations. According to English law, his status as a Saudi citizen could make it easier for him to be recruited by Newcastle United, owned by a Saudi investment fund. The English club is considering signing him and loaning him to a team in Saudi Arabia until he turns 18, giving him a gateway to European football while complying with FIFA regulations on minor player transfers.

Despite the turmoil surrounding his future, Mahdi El Maimouni continues to shine on the pitch. Recently awarded the Lion d’Or, this rising star of Belgian and European football continues to impress football experts with his performances in a position similar to that of Sergio Busquets.

Mahdi El Maimouni’s future promises to be eventful. Between naturalization, the interest of major European clubs and recruitment strategies, the coming months will be decisive for this young prodigy. Whether he pursues his career in the colours of a major European club or develops first in the Middle East, one thing is certain: the name of Mahdi El Maimouni is one to remember.

Written by James Oyimb

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